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Supporting a future for Tunisia based on the principles of democracy, economic growth, individual liberty and inclusiveness for all of the country’s civil society.

Olfa Hamdi, CSST President

"The political evolution of Tunisia stands as an inspiration for citizens of other states aspiring to establish the institutions of democracy after a history of autocratic rule" – Senate of the United States, October 29, 2019

Policy Agenda & Research Highlights

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Job Creation

CSST works to identify and support policies that promote job creation in both countries, helping bring opportunities for Tunisians and solving the most pressing issue of unemployment and lack of jobs in Tunisia.

Energy Plant

Energy Independence

CSST supports innovation in key sectors such as education, agriculture and healthcare within Tunisia leading to the development of stronger ties between the US and Tunisia and promoting Tunisia as a platform for US businesses and entities in the mediterranean region.

Developing Ideas

Research & Development

CSST develops policies that help enhanced energy security and self-sufficiency in Tunisia. This would help foster an environment in which Tunisia can strengthen its own national security and economy and enable US businesses to develop in the region.  


Tunisian & American Economic Partnership Potential

Following an examination of the United States’ history of economic partnerships, Tunisia’s economic history, and the regional context for today’s current dynamics, this report includes key recommendations on areas for achieving a stronger U.S./Tunisian partnership.

Recent Posts

Constitutional Meddling Won’t Solve Tunisia’s Woes

Democracy, Governance, Policy

On July 25, Tunisia holds a national referendum on a new constitution.  This will be one year since President Kais Saied disbanded its... Read More → Constitutional Meddling Won’t Solve Tunisia’s Woes

Economic Freedom Key to Women’s Empowerment

Democracy, Economy, Policy

North Africa is facing very tough economic times.  Still suffering from Covid, economies in the region have been hard hit by spiking... Read More → Economic Freedom Key to Women’s Empowerment

Mediterranean Sea map

Tunisia: Safe Harbor in Rocky Mediterranean

Democracy, Governance

Earlier this month, I participated in the “Med-Atlantic Forum,” sponsored by the Washington-based International Republican Institute. ... Read More → Tunisia: Safe Harbor in Rocky Mediterranean

Become a Volunteer!

And make a difference!

Volunteers are the heart of a community. Our volunteers are a valuable resource for our fast-growing, fast-paced city.

Our city relies on our volunteers for everything from staffing special event, such as Freedom Fest and Merry Main Street, to assisting departments with daily activities, such as shelving library books, filing records or using GIS equipment.

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Click below to watch CSST Founder, Olfa Hamdi, participate in this IMF Event.   
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Watch CSST Founder, Olfa Hamdi, participate in this IMF Event
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