The Project For:
An American Tunisian Partnership


CSST conducts comprehensive research activities to inform outreach, advocacy, and project initiatives.  By examining key trends affecting Tunisia’s people, economy, and security, the opportunities surrounding U.S.-Tunisia relations, and the major challenges facing Tunisia and its neighboring nations, CSST identifies, synthesizes, and communicates to relevant parties and stakeholders the facts and information needed to understand how best to secure long-term stability and prosperity in Tunisia, the Middle East-North Africa region, and the African continent.


Informed by CSST’s research and advocacy and outreach activities, CSST develops and implements projects that turn objectives into actions.  CSST relies on a team of experts and advisors to ensure that projects are designed and carried out in a way that meet mission-critical goals and objectives and are completed in a timely and effective manner.

Advocacy & Outreach

CSST takes a fact and experience-based approach in developing and advocating for policies and actions that will strengthen relations between the United States and Tunisia in a manner that brings lasting stability and prosperity to Tunisia and the broader region.  CSST utilizes an inclusive and nonpartisan approach in engaging public officials, the private sector, academia, and NGOs to help bring about actions that better the lives and livelihoods of those living in Tunisia and beyond.

Our Policy Agenda

CSST works with US business leaders, policy makers, thought leaders, and other institutions to examine the current dynamics and trends within Tunisia to ultimately help the country build a sustainable economy, helping Tunisia flourish and stabilize North Africa and Middle East. CSST serves as a knowledge nexus focused on securing the development of an active civil society in Tunisia, which requires the appropriate mix of critical policies and strategies. Thus, CSST’s main areas of policy research are:

    Job Creation
    Energy Independence
Research & Development

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