Our Mission

The Center for Strategic Studies on Tunisia (CSST) is focused on advancing business, educational, and cultural ties between Tunisia and the United States to support Tunisia in becoming the model for a successful 21st century nation in the region

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Tunisia presents a unique opportunity to become a model for democracy and economic growth in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.   

Since the 1950s, Tunisia has maintained a strategic partnership with the United States, particularly as a key element of U.S. strategy throughout North Africa and parts of the Middle East.

Tunisia strengthened this partnership in 2015 as Tunisia became a “non-NATO ally” paving the way for enhanced military cooperation between the two countries.  Since then, the U.S. and Tunisia have been working together on a range of global issues, including countering terrorism where Tunisia has shown to be a good and reliable partner in combatting violent extremism.

Meet the CSST Founder

Olfa Hamdi

President & Founder

After having the opportunity to live and study abroad, international entrepreneur and thought leader Olfa Hamdi founded the Washington, DC-based Center for Strategic Studies on Tunisia as a way to help strengthen the American-Tunisian relationship and ensure a bright future for her native Tunisia.

Olfa has been a significant player in Tunisia, with insights on where the country is going and how to ensure that it does not regress, and talents that allowed her to come to the United States through the prestigious “Einstein” EB-1A visa program for individuals who demonstrate extraordinary ability in their field. Coming from humble beginnings, Olfa is grateful for the mentorship and education abroad and in the United States that allowed her to expand her world.

Olfa Hamdi is an engineer and executive who speaks four languages and has studied and worked in three continents. She holds two Masters of Science in Engineering and has a graduate degree in Alternative Dispute Resolution and Investor-State Dispute Settlement.


Our team of seasoned experts provides CSST with research and communications assistance, policy guidance, and project support.

Jack Belcher

Jack Belcher

Principal, Cornerstone

Jack Belcher is a global energy and public policy advisor with over 25 years of experience in international commercial, policy, and geopolitical and regulatory affairs. He provides CSST with strategic advice regarding global and regional economics, business development, and geopolitics.  

Brent Greenfield

Brent Greenfield

Vice President and Counsel, Cornerstone

Brent Greenfield is a consultant with over ten years and has worked on projects around the world including the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and South America. Brent provides CSST with policy, research, and communications expertise related to Tunisia and the broader Middle East-North Africa region. 

Mitchell Weisberg

Professor, Northeastern University

Mitchell Weisberg is the Managing Director of Lumen Solutions, Inc., a manager at SKEMA Ventures, and a Faculty member at the University level. Mitchell brings to CSST over 30 years of leadership experience advising executives on Strategic Planning and Execution for High Business Performance.

Paul Looney

Paul Looney

Principal, Cornerstone

Paul Looney provides CSST strategic guidance in working with U.S. federal entities including the executive and legislative branches of government. Paul assists CSST in developing strategies that are focused on strengthening business and policy opportunities between the U.S. and Tunisia.

CSST Profile

Morgan McCord

Senior Associate, Cornerstone

Morgan McCord is a government relations expert focused on the foreign policy and national security sectors.  With experience in the US and abroad, Morgan brings her background in research, strategic communications, and policy writing related to Tunisia and the broader North African region to CSST.

Our Policy Agenda

CSST works with US business leaders, policy makers, thought leaders, and other institutions to examine the current dynamics and trends within Tunisia to ultimately help the country build a sustainable economy, helping Tunisia flourish and stabilize North Africa and Middle East. CSST serves as a knowledge nexus focused on securing the development of an active civil society in Tunisia, which requires the appropriate mix of critical policies and strategies. Thus, CSST’s main areas of policy research are:

    Job Creation
    Energy Independence
Research & Development

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